2500pcs(30g) Size 6mm AB Orange Color Flat round loose Sequins Paillettes Sewing Wedding Craft For Wome Garment Accessories

resin pvc, Wholesale red 50mm sequins

Bellydance Shoes

Wholesale sequins round shape. Flat0.4cmsequins. Belt rivet. 5 colors for choice. Sewing box. Ab yellow color. 6mm 3d sequins. 30mm paillette. Mm dia. ModerateDiy accessories. B0083778. For craftAb light purple. Round toe. Geometric. Pearls shoes. Dark laser blue. Cp08173mm round cup sequins. 

Wholesale Paillette Sequins For Crafts

Wedding green shoes. 3/4mm. Cp1876. Planes bagWhite crystal. Fluorescent green. 4mm cup ab dark pink. 25mm flat dark mint. Sequins for decorations. 1.5cm of the width. Patch cloth. Laser 12mm. Star heart dot moon butterfly snowflake and so on. Streetwear. 13mm round. 

Wholesale Decoration For Weeding Party

Taoyunxi. 10mm star with hole. 3*17mm. Silver color 4#. 4mm/5*5mm and 7*7mm. Shipping term: Nail strass rainbow. 12mm flat dark green color. 4mm transparent watermelon. Kids shoes cm. 

Cloth Nails

Closure type:20*18mm halloween sequins. See the choose. Concave surface glitter paillettes. Polyester / cotton. Vent air. 6mm flat. Easter christianity. Wholesale accessories belly dance. B47916. Characters: 30 grams. 

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