Lucky Zoom Brand High Point Wide Field Binocular Trinocular Microscope Eyepiece WF10X/22MM 30mm Microscopio Lenes Free Shipping

optical level, industrial gige camera

Telescope Tripod

Skoda glasse. Optical pmma plastic plano convex lens. Portable reading magnifier 10x. Guide scope kit. 0-40m. 1000 time and 2000 time. Wholesale reflector projector. Timepieces respairing, jewelry identification, mechanical repair. Bak-4 porro. Wholesale leds rings. 2" extension tube : Temperature use range : Metal, plastic. Golden. 

20 Led Heart

Wholesale prismaticos bak4. Small plastic lens. Asi224mc. 2.5x: : Qst-yt008. Telescope-08. Chensuper. Playing golf. Night vision infrared monocular. Camera: 114m/1000m. 1064nm fiber. Brass telescope. 30x,60x,90x. Adapter microscope. Built-in storage battery. Strip heating. Wholesale table centerpice. Backpack  camera. 

Jewel Magnifying Glass

5p0074b eyepiece fixed diameter: Ao-1002. 16mp 1080p hdmi industrial microscope camera. Pal / ntsc. Pf03-600m. 10-36 times. Jj8401-00bContinuous measurement yes.: Szs-gtfs-i007160. Battery model:Sight: 1x -600x zoom. Olor and style as shown. Usb tester. Laser rangefinder golf: Rubber eye guard: Binocular hd. 10w len. Mee-200-2. 

Digital Camera Telescope

1200m/9600m. M42x0.75 pitch. Fee shippingEffective pixels: Yk-007. Twin lense. Type5: Measure in metric / imperial: Approx 8.5" x 3.5". Microscope parts. 62 mm. Unbranded pcb inspection microscope:64 *43  29mm/2.51"*1.69"*1.14"(approx). Environmental protection rubber + all optical glass len. W-n-w 253(y). No3 filter variable polarizing. 4066402y. D2h lens. Knives hunting. 

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