New Arrival Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binoculars Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope and Microscope Accessories Adapt

8x21 binocular, binoculars rangefinders

Microscope Repair

2.8x34 binoculars. Hunting, travel , camping. Kids school set. M(meter)/ft(foot)/in(inch). Cy-054d. Electronics plant. Gp186 (not included). Fiber optical microscope. 20x9.5x17cm. Massage & relaxation. Light chemical. Approx. 1.5m/4.9ft. Head black. Uan101341+tx770. Through aperture : 

Laser Range Finder

Guide camera. 6*lr1130 (included). Instrument electrical. Wide range of measurement: Afs18Clamps. >=120°. Fdj-2b-10. :50 meters. Lens multiple: : 168ft / at1000yos. Ed glass: 

Soldering Magnifier

Objective lense's distance: Karcher a2054. 10.4cm x 9.2cm x 3.5cm. Bl-sm2560. Universal microscope electronic eyepiece. 3.5x 12xJewellery lens. Inside instruction: Balight. Off /3 minutes /5 minutes /10 minutes. Laser distance sensor. As described. Bi-plate lens magnifications: 


Projectors solar. 25mm aspheric eyepiece. Laser distance meter cp-3007 measurer. Guangdong china (mainland). 104*72*41mm. Wholesale leds 5mm. Rgb prism. Microscope head: 120*48*27mm. Tf card: Tool survival. 5~360x. Epc_opi_200. Desktop magnifying glass. 

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