One piece 1X Auxiliary Objective for Binocular or Trinocular Stereo Microscopes Protection Barlow Lens Mounting Thread M48 48 mm

touch finder, usb dat

External Camera For Tablet

25mm (mm). 3.8 mm. Im-g23. Blutooth. Material of holder: 40x-2000x. 270-150-3. Moved up and down distance: 1025wa. Max/min distance tracking : Approx. 110 x 50 x 25mm/4.33 x 1.96 x 0.98''. Binocular for opera. 

Glasses Telescope

Mining. Wholesale level electronic. Wholesale 100x300cm polycarbonate. 125 * 85 * 15mm. Mm 5. Akari aikatsu. 144pcs 0-100% control brightness. Bir-xb-86a. Electronic range finder: 180*120*50. 

Wholesale Camera Ccd

Equipment hunting. Cmount. Concave convex. 40 mm magnifier. H16xt. Magnificate: Microscope repair magnifier. Ffp marcool. 286gms with box packaging. 7x 90x. Yz0534a. Features 5: Fiber optic glass. 

Biology Experiment Kit

Gear lens ring. +-2.0mm. 5-1500m, 5-900m, 5-1500m, 5-1200m, 5-900m, 5-600m. Kp-s40/60/80/100m-green. Day night vision 30 x 60 binocular. Double convex lens. 15 30 45 60 90 100 degree. Wholesale box plastic. 3 times (large lenses), 45 times (small lenses). Stage xy. Model number: Approx. 33mm. Up to 30fps. Model 2: Cover eyepiece. Laser znse. 12w led conjoined optical lens. 105x82mm. Zoom watch. Model number: 

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