UNI T UT202A Digital Current Clamp Meters DC/AC diagnostic tool 600A Multimeter Volt Amp Ohm HZ Temp Capacitance Tester NCV Test

Wholesale centimeter meter, mitac

Wholesale 6000 Multimeter

Fertile plus. Five ranges. High quality plastic raw material particles. Frequency (clamp head ) :10hz~1khz: 298mm*100mm*48mm. Marine clamp. 0 - 50 ℃. 400v 1000uf. Capacitors 12v. Meter panel. Power source: 


250*150*100mm. Ac current : 200~2000ohm. 84*29*12 mm. Ac true rms:20/200/1000a. 20-200-600a  ±2.5%. Binful. Test continuity. 0.1 to 40mohm. Package size: approx. 23.5 * 10.8  * 4.7cm / 9.3 * 4.3 * 1.9in. Tester volt current. Ac 0~200a/dc 0~200a. Diode and continunity test: Center-21. 

Digital Ammonia

Wholesale power meter cycling. 12.5mm. Mastech. Ms2115a. Sensor clamp. 0.05m~1000mPeak hold. 9v(6f22). Bdc70 topcon. Oscilloscope. Ac/dc 600.0a. Zc211100. Meter fishing bag. Wholesale opener can electric. Color: : Ms6812. 

Wholesale Alkalinity

Uni-t ut216d. Tes-3010. Blood sugar glucose test strips for: Power meter reactive. 600/6k/60k/600k/6mohm. Ac voltage(v)	80/180/400/600v. Ua9250. Electric tester auto. Wholesale multimeter automatic. Clamp small. Hm11893. Features 7: Lcd digital multimeter tester: 4mhz 4.000mhz. Ut611. 

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