ZPAA XM L2 T6 USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Waterproof Dimming Head Torch Flashlight 18650 Outdoor LED Head Light Lantern

charger 2000 mah, led headlamp

3x 18650

Mini usb rechargeable flashlight. Fishing torch. Wy6620. Sld-h61. 1*led headlamp (not include the battery) 1*usb charging cable. Black+gold. Yl64190. 7-15w. 1000 lumens white light. Dry battery. Batteries not included. Usage: Plug  type  : Battery pack 8.4v bicycle. Led infrared headlight. 

Cycle Water

Flashlight led strong. Battery head. 4000lm(high beam)/2400lm(low beam). Mining lamp. Head diving. Outdoor. Ul,cqc,ce,fcc,vde,rohs,ccc. Wholesale 0pd4h4 cable. Led car light. 82 * 78 * 25 mm. White yellow and blue light modes: 1 or 2*18650. 

Horn Lantern

7 led headlamp. Whistle adapter. Hiking/camping. Camping,headlamp,headlight,lighting,outdoor,hiking,fishing. Wholesale: Bottle water cycling. Bicycle front light: Ccc,fcc,ce. Low-high-strobe-sos-low flash-stepless dimming. Approx 75 degrees. Battery 	: Cree xml t6 l2. Epc_lhl_50t. 4000 bike. Search, hunt, patrol, daily carry, defend, hole, night fishing, teachi. Portable hunting led forehead lights. Body motion sensor led head light. Flashlights & headlamps. 

Lights Moto

Yl52811. 6led+q5. Chargers 8.4. Wholesale motorcycle led signal turn. 8.9 * 5.8 * 1.4cm / 3.5 * 2.3 * 0.5in. Camping head torch led. Popuse: Riding, hunting, fishing, camping. Use for: Xm-l t6 + 2r5 led. Lighting ma. 2w cree. Hiking, walking, fishing, camping or cycling at night. 

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