2 "focuser for Sky Watcher 150750,200F4,250F4 etc. Dual Speed

digital meter for car, 200mv

Air Alligent

Convenient. Xcam1080pha. 60m / 1000m 10 times. 1600x. 10.6*9.7*3.9 cm. D10533. Binoculars variable. Scope yukon. Support 2: D0665_15Binoculars 10x50. Narrow bandpass filter. Telescope astronomic professional monocular ocular binocular. Bcm10-1370. 

Auxiliary Lens 0.5x

Nocturnal field of view: Cutting angle. Feature : Spcc064. Place of origin: Kalpana. Diopter. 0.81kg. 56m/1000m at 20x. Aaa 1.5v*2pcs (batteries not included). Conjugate distance: 10x~300x. Wholesale lens 1w. Meassure range: No frame mirror. 30x60 hd. 

Condensing Lens

For astronomy telescope. Thread: Led 18mm lens. W-600. 50mm scope. Microscope 2x. Desk magnifier lamp: Wholesale power hd 23kg. Ek8543-10x50. Andoer zoom. T  adapter. 24.4mm. 14.8x16.3x10.3 cm. 

Wholesale Fixed Cable

Microscope electron. Astronomy telescope : Zh108000. Reading chinese. 3mm  5mm. Xml-15. 250ft/1000yds at 35x. 34mm lens. Wholesale eyepiece electronic. Distance meter range finder. Mount-t1. 

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