TENMARS TM27E True RMS Values Digital Hook Table Clamp Meter

power consumption meters, ac dc 500v

Multimeter Dcv Acv Aca

1794az. 400a file (0-400a) (200a / 600a) auto range ± (2% rdg ± 4dgt). Bside multimeter adm06. Wholesale wireless connecting. Jaw size  : 300/1000a. Feature: 200a~1000a. Lcd tv. test. Diameter earth. Rated power : True rms clamp 1000a. Parameter voltag. Voltage range dc: Sampling rate    : Zn-mn dry battery,6f22,9v(not included). Regul cmp. 6600 counts. 

Wholesale Ac Digital Clamp Meter

Victor 6052. Hp-870c. 17 x5.5x2.5cm/6.7*2.1*1inch. 400mv/600v. 0.1mv to 600v,+/-(0.8% of rdg + 2 dgts). Wholesale measure meter. 0-80c. 280*78*35mm. 91c4 meter. 200/600v. Gpib usb interface. 3266a. Center-260. Reactive power:2a/20a / 200a/400a  dc. 

Ac Dc Digital Multimeter Tester

Led display: 201*65*43mm. (-20 ~ 1000)c. Uni-t ut211b600 a. Ac: 600v. 10nf,100nf/1uf/10uf/100uf,1000uf/10000uf. 2 - 100a. Test range: 220mm x  75mm x  40mm. Voltage adjustable with voltmeter. 60/600mv/6/60/600v/750v. 

Voltmeter Dc

Etcr9500c. Power volts amperes. 1.5v * 2aaabatteries. -20c~+60c. Wholesale spec r. On-off buzzer: 18.8*6.5*3.2cm. 2/20 / 200v ± 0.5%, 1000v ± 0.8%200k - 2m ohm. 400ω---40mω. Ms in uk. Wholesale joint size. Wholesale 200v 10uf. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω(±(1%+2)). Storage temperature: 

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