1080P 16MP Full HDMI HD 60F/S High Speed Indusry Lab Video Microscope Camera Set+100X C Mount Lens+Stand+56 LED Ring Light+TF

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Tourbon. Microscope accessory item: Wholesale projector. 1080p. Light surgical. Planets. Face and body. Compact 8x21mm binoculars : Digital microscope. 9*9*4. Lens magnification: Connection:  : Wheel measurment: Keyword 3: Usb digital microscope eyepiece. ±0.3°. Binoculo lunetas. Zoom 10x-600x. Co2 laser cutting engraving machine. Fogproof: 

Hd Power

Kit microscope. Binocular covers. Laser binoculars. Digital. Abs plastic & acrylic mirror.. Magnifier high power. Use: 64 *43  29mm/2.51"*1.69"*1.14"(approx). 118*54*28mm /4.65*2.12*1.10inch. 151071401. 

Microscope Pc

Holder. Field of view: 4x-100x. Optical waveguides. Reflector cup. 373x148x35mm(folded). 125x50x26.5mm. Lens phone mobile. Earpads wireless. Biology insect. Powered by: 10x hose. 76.2mm. Digital electron microscope. 10x, 30x, 60x. Epc_opi_20nShort axis(d): Silver & black. Type : Magnifying ratio: 

Magnifier Glasses For Reading

10 led light magnifier. M25x0.75 25 mm. 3.1 mm. Hunting tripod. Jeweler eyepiece. Cvd znse. Meter instrument. Ft-86a. Wifi usb camera electronic eyepiece. 1.25 inches. Optical glass filters. 

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